The Sesh – Talented Artists, Unique Spaces

In a recent recording, our cast and crew were excitingly preparing for a young duo of astonishingly talented artists to arrive for their turn in the sesh. In this case, as in most, there is an incredible energy passing between all as we prepare for our show. Everyone with a job, no questions asked, tasks one by one checked off our mental lists.

Staff Pic 1It’s always exciting and with a bit of relief when our artists arrive. We’re just happy they didn’t change their minds, and of course excited that we’ve got a show. After weeks of trading calls, emails, and texts preparing all involved, it’s finally happening. The moment of truth has arrived. Our duo, kids really, step through the door, introductions are made, hands are extended, some give appreciative hugs, and deep breaths are taken.

After settling in, our duo scans the venue and walks the stage. Whispers begin and a bit of information makes its way around our set and back to the crew, it becomes evident to all of us that after months of collaboration and rehearsals together, our young duo will be taking the stage together for the first time as a musical act. While not the largest stage, or crowd, this moment for them will likely be their most important, their first, and it’s with us, a realization that now changes everything. This is where it begins for them; this is where many questions will be answered for these young performers, and this will happen with us.Staff Pic 3

It’s always an honor to have any artist agree to share their musical souls with us. It’s personal and we know it, and we can be nothing less than honored. To be a part of a first experience like this adds just another layer. Beating hearts, shaky hands, small beads of sweat and the moment comes, and we are all left feeling a part of something bigger than any of us expected. The artists fly and we are witness to it. How lucky are we.

This is the sesh…